Dr Seuss 'I Can Do That' Game

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The Cat in the Hat has come to play, and anything can happen!

Celebrate your child's "I Can Do That!" spirit with this actively playful game!

Flip over three cards to create a new challenge. Can you slide under the Trick-a-ma-stick with the toy boat on your head, or jump up and down with the cake between your elbows? Join the fun and discover all the new things you can do—there are hundreds of hilarious possibilities!

Learning fun:
Self-confidence and self-discovery
Active, up-on-your-feet fun
Early reading skills
Product Contents:
1 Trick-a-ma-stick,
9 Playthings (Cake, Fish, Boat, Ball, Book, Gown, Fan, Toy Man, Rake)
33 Cards
1 Game Rules Manual
Ages 4+