Baby Eggy Night Lights - set of 3

  • Baby Eggy Night Lights - set of 3
  • Baby Eggy Night Lights - set of 3
  • Baby Eggy Night Lights - set of 3


Meet the adorable Baby Eggy, the perfect blend of whimsy and functionality.

With the cute EGGY EGG chick night light, you can put every little one to sleep with a cute soft glow. 
The battery-operated LED night light was designed in such a way that its light is very sleep-friendly. 
By pressing the head of the EGGY EGG, you can adapt the pleasantly warm white light to your needs.

With one full charge, your BABY EGGY lasts up to 120 hours when dimmed, while it lasts 3.5 hours at full brightness.

Whether in the children's room, in the hallway or when traveling - this rechargeable children's night light is extremely practical and versatile. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you. 

It is also ideal for camping trips or overnight stays with friends or relatives.

  • Playfully simple operation
  • Pleasant light (sleep friendly)
  • Fast charging
  • BPA free
  • RGB function
  • Dimming by pressing the head
  • Including 1x USB-C charging cable (does not contain an adapter)
  • Charge Life: Bright 5h; Dim 200h
  • Warm white light (3000K)
  • Connection: 5VDC
  • Material: PC,silicone
  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 10.4 x 11.9cm