BLOCO Oviraptor



A different species of construction toy!

Growl hello to the Oviraptor. Brightly colored and quick and easy to assemble, it
comes complete with an unhatched dinosaur egg. 
The name means “egg stealer,” and this Oviraptor is out to prove it’s anything but by being a loving egg nurturer instead. Its long hind legs make it a fast runner, and an intrepid adventurer!

  • 60 pieces and connectors
  • Detailed instructions on box
  • Suitable for ages 5-10

Bloco is a groundbreaking patented construction toy whose high density foam pieces and uniquely designed plastic connectors interlink, stack and rotate at any angle to create lovable and captivating creatures you can play with or display as decorative items. No two pieces in a box are alike, yet they can be mixed and matched together in an inexhaustible medley of configurations, or even with pieces from other Bloco models. Whether you follow the instructions, or follow your imagination, the possibilities are endless.