Littlecodr Game

  • Littlecodr Game
  • Littlecodr Game

code: VR6185

Teaching kids to think differently

Littlecodr is a crazy fun card game that helps kids learn the basics of logic and coding!

Writing code means creating instructions to be executed, like getting a computer to display a website or teaching a robot to throw a ball.

Littlecodr allows kids to play with these concepts, even before they can read or write. This game 'unplugs' the experience from an electronic device, making it easier for kids to collaborate with each other and interact with the space around them while they learn.

Kids use Action cards to create paths for you or their friends to follow. You are the robot and they are 'writing the code' for you to execute. They will love to boss you around!

They learn and have fun as they complete Missions and Labs and can invent their own.

  • Contents: 80 action cards, 20 mission & lab cards, instructions
  • 2+ players

Suitable for ages 4+