Taurus Cuisenaire Rods

  • Taurus Cuisenaire Rods
  • Taurus Cuisenaire Rods

CODE: AS4220

This set of Taurus Cuisenaire Rods helps children to explore numbers through the use of coloured rods and cubes. They are ideal for many problem solving activities and are a great resource for fractions, algebra, addition and subtraction.

The set includes 241 coloured pieces and consists of 50x10mm white, 50x20mm red, 33x30mm light green, 25x40mm magenta, 20x50mm yellow, 16x60mm green, 14x70mm black, 12x80mm brown, 11x90mm blue and 10x100mm orange.

  • 241 Cuisenaire rods and cubes in different colours and sizes
  • Ideal for object manipulation, problem solving activities or learning fractions, algebra, addition and subtraction
  • A great teaching resource for use in the classroom or at home
  • New Zealand Made