Action English Book 6 (Year Level 8)



‘Action English 6’ is a write-on student workbook that contains a complete written language programme suitable for most Year 8 students. The second edition contains eight chapters and 140 pages and covers the full range of key literacy skills as prescribed in the New Zealand English Curriculum document; specifically, this book provides solid coverage of Level 4 of the curriculum.

'Action English 6' contains skills building exercises as well as topic instruction, definitions, worked examples, 'mind-mapped' chapter overview pages, chapter tests and a full set of removable answers. This enables most students to work independently of the teacher. Parents can also use these features to make home learning sessions more positive for themselves and their child. The write-on nature of this workbook makes tasks easy to complete and the pages are full of interesting activities, drawings, photos and fun superhero-themed cartoons. 

Possibly the best use of this resource is as a homework book after new literacy skills have been introduced by the teacher and students have done some supervised work. However, it can also be used as revision work before national standards tests or as a catch-up text for those who have missed school or need to fill gaps in their written language skills. 

Sample Topics:

Chapter 1 - Word Classes : Common and Proper Nouns, Adjectives, Conjunctions, Pronouns

Chapter 2 - Punctuation : Apostrophes, Quotation Marks, Exclamation Marks, Brackets

Chapter 3 - Language Skills : Proverbs, Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, Homophones, Tenses

Chapter 4 - Dictionary Skills : Headwords, Pronunciation, Syllabification, Meanings, Maori Words

Chapter 5 - Spelling Skills : Learning Methods, Consonant Blends, Prefixes, Suffixes, Misused Words 

Chapter 6 - Written Language : Sentence Structure, Paragraphs, Proof Reading, Imaginative Writing

Chapter 7 - Comprehension Skills : Online News, Wikipedia Entry, Reviews, Advertising, A Fable 

Chapter 8 - Research Skills :Topic Selection, Information Sources, Keywords, Presentation, Evaluation