Dragon Maths Book 1 (Year Level 3)



‘Dragon Maths 1’ is a 128 page write-on student workbook that contains a full mathematics programme suitable for most Year 3 students. It revises work at mathematics curriculum Level 1 and starts work on Level 2.  Students are guided through the Advanced Counting Stage (stage 4) of the Number Framework.

Each chapter is based on a strand of the New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum document. The Number and Algebra strand has been allocated 5 chapters (73 pages) to adequately cover all the numeracy strategies currently being taught in primary schools. A revision test is provided at the end of each chapter.

'Dragon Maths 1' features instruction boxes, worked examples and a full set of answers (removable) to help students work independently of the teacher. The best use of this resource is as a classwork/homework book after new maths ideas have been introduced and the class has done some supervised hands-on work with materials. It can also be used as a revision resource before national standards tests or as a catch-up text for students who have missed school or need to fill gaps in their maths knowledge. 

Students working on this resource will find the write-on format saves them copying time. The instruction boxes and worked examples reinforce classroom learning and help parents to become effective 'home-teachers' as they can now assist their child using current maths strategies instead of older methods.The removable answers (perforated pages) allow the student or parent to mark the completed work, or the teacher may choose to hold the answers in the classroom for a more formal marking/revision session.


1 – Numbers up to 20
2 – Numbers up to 100
3 – Multiplying, Dividing, Fractions
4 – Numbers up to 1000
5 – Algebra
6 – Measurement
7 – Geometry
8 – Statistics